rena architects

St Leonards House

Modern extension to an early 20th century
Californian Bungalow


Alteration and Extension to a 1920's Californian Bungalow in St Leonards wo create a more comfortable living spoace for a young family with children. The extension opens to a large living area with a new kitchen and outdoor deck. The first floor extends and shades the outdoor living area while the central void lets more sun and light into the centre of the house and visually and acoustically integrates the house. The existing cypress pine floors of the house were sanded and stained dark with Bono floor finishes. We chose simple and complimentary style for design and finishes of the two new bathrooms. The new areas have been covered with large tiles which extend to the outdoor area visually integrating indoor and outdoor areas. The simple and functional detailing of the new work with lots of new storage areas is complimented by a bold yet sensitive colour scheme. This project was done in close collaboration with the client and with Kooi-Ying Mah of Kooi-Ying Architects.

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