rena architects

Scoparia Place

Dual occupancy passive solar courtyard house in Willoughby
1995 - 1997


Rena’s own passive solar courtyard house built in 1996 at the back of an existing Californian bungalow was inspired by her visit to Katsura in Kyoto, organic architecture principles, Anna Halprin’s sensory awareness exercises in designing environments and close research on W.B.Griffin and F.l.Wright domestic designs.

The house has been photographed and published both in Australia and overseas. “The house is an embodiment of an architectural vision and sensitivity developed over years of study and practice. It is an organic, economical architecture, immersed and in tune with the breath of nature, simple yet functional, without the need for embellishments and ornaments, taking delight and pleasure from the environment.” Peter Baran, Ludzki dom, DOBRE WNETRZE, no7 2006.

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