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Angophora Place

2 new heritage award winning houses in Artarmon
1995 - 1996


This dual occupancy project in Artarmon addressed the challenges of the project to provide two additional dwellings to the rear of a large block adjacent to a public access way. Council did not favour dual occupancy on this site and rejected a proposal by a previous architect. The site is within a heritage conservation area and a tree preservation order protected several existing large Angophora trees.

The NSW Heritage Council and RAIA have selected the project for their “Design in Context” Guidelines published in 2005 as an example of successful modern architecture in a heritage context. “The project illustrates that it is possible to provide contemporary houses that meet modern requirements in a manner that acknowledges and takes delight in their environment. The quality of the design and the new relationships it creates are highly successful. The restricted budget demonstrates what is possible with creativity and insight. The result is quiet, respectful and joyful.”

Site Plan

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